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What You Need to Know Before Allowing Your Child to Take the Wheel

What You Need to Know Before Allowing Your Child to Take the Wheel. Part of the natural development of family life is for teens to start driving. Clearly, most learn in the parent car. In our countries of origin, this is not a problem, we look for a little field or an unpopulated area and we give the helm to the child. But here it doesn’t work like that.
In the state of Florida, there are legal requirements for teenagers to be able to sit on the driver’s side.
First of all, young people have to acquire a learning license. To do this, they must be at least 15 years old and have the consent of their parents, who authorize them by signing a form called Parental Consent Form.
What is more, the minor is required to pass a course on Traffic and Substance Abuse Laws, pass a vision and hearing test and also take a Class E Knowledge test in English.
Once all these requirements are met, the young person can go out to drive to the real world, in the company of an adult.
Most insurance companies do not require that the young person be included in the policy until they obtain a driver’s license, but there are some insurances that require that they be notified. It is advisable to speak with your agent and explain that your child is learning in the insured car and that you want to know if this has any repercussions on the contract.
If you are one of those with a high deductible, there is a trick that can save you some money. During your child’s learning period, you can minimize your contract deductibles by increasing the monthly premium. If by chance you have an accident or a major blow, let the insurance take care of most of the arrangements. What You Need to Know Before Allowing Your Child to Take the Wheel.
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