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My partner died, how do I know if he had life insurance?

My partner died, how do I know if he had life insurance? As strange as it may seem, there are people who die without informing their loved ones that they are paying for a life insurance policy whose beneficiaries are them. The causes of this great carelessness can be diverse: the deceased was very young and died in a sudden accident before notifying the family. There are people who find it difficult to talk about these issues with their partners or simply, they are so busy with so many things that they forgot to talk about them.
The reality is that if the family member dies, the surviving loved one may have doubts about the existence of life insurance. Above all, after facing high funeral and burial payments or when creditors start knocking on their doors, or when they do not have enough money to pay the mortgage alone. What to do if the possible existence of life insurance eats at your mind?
The first clues can be obtained in bank payments. If there is any payment to an insurance company it could be an indication. The other way is to look through your important papers for a life insurance contract. If you are unsuccessful in your search, then know that there are multiple websites on the internet specialized in searching for free unpaid life policies for deceased persons.; National Association of Insurance Commissioners – Life insurance Policy Locator; and National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators
You can also contact Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation to have them search. In addition, there is a page for Florida, where unclaimed funds from insurance companies are found.
To avoid this headache, it is best to discuss with the couple the existence of life insurance that will help them financially in the event of your death. In addition to speaking, you must give them access to the documents so that they are clear about how to claim the death benefit. Keep in mind that you will not be there to help him.
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