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Do you need a weapon to protect your home?

Do you need a weapon to protect your home? Last Saturday, I met with a group of friends for the afternoon. Between drinks and food, the issue of weapons came up. It turns out that one of those presents was happy because he had bought a gun. With which he intended to defend his house.
“If someone comes to steal my property, they will find out,” snapped this good person, that the only thing she has done in her life is work very hard to achieve a roof for her family.
But what is it that you have of such value in your house that you are willing to take the life of the transgressor? I asked him.
According to her argument, the price of things is not the key, “the important thing is that everything inside my house is mine, I worked for it and no one can come and steal it.”
That’s when I told him that home insurance can do the job of the gun. He looked at me very strangely. I explained to him that if someone breaks into your home to rob and, during the wrongdoing, breaks or damages your personal effects, all of that is protected by home insurance.
“All you have to do is keep your inventory up to date. If you buy a very expensive TV, you tell your insurance agent so they can include it in the policy coverage. ”
“And if a criminal breaks into your house, what you have to do is save your family and call the police. If it breaks or steals something, your insurance is in charge of making up for the loss ”.
In modern life, insurance works better than guns. By the way, I told him, your gun can also be insured under home insurance and if it is lost or damaged, your insurer could cover you financially. If it, unfortunately, is accidentally shot and injured, the insurance could protect you from third-party lawsuits. Do you need a weapon to protect your home?
Better yet, call Univista Insurance and update your home insurance.

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