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New reasons to buy life insurance

New reasons to buy life insurance. The only possible answer to the question of why buy life insurance is love. Of course, we can develop that answer by comparing the reasons that justify it.
A human being is irreplaceable. The absence of a parent cannot be replaced by any financial contract, no matter how much money it may bring. However, there is no greater satisfaction for a father than knowing that he can guarantee the economic income of his children if he were to be absent.
Death, in addition to being tragic, is usually a source of expenses for funeral services, burials, or medical costs, if it occurred after a long illness. Well, life insurance serves to free loved ones from such financial burdens.
In many films, a very typical image is used. After the funeral of the father of the family, a lawyer gathers all the heirs and reads the will of the deceased. “The youngest son will inherit $ 100,000 and the Texas farm, the larger $ 100,000 and the Florida house.”
For those who have not been able to create a great fortune, that movie image could become a reality if you buy life insurance. Note that, with an average contract, beneficiaries could receive just over $ 250,000 tax-free, upon the death of the insured. As much money as if one were a great potentate. New reasons to buy life insurance.
There are acts of love that require great sacrifice. There are others, such as life insurance, that can be done simply with willingness and planning.
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