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Affordable, fair, and protective healthcare

Obamacare: affordable, fair, and protective healthcare coverage. More than 11 million people are protected under the Affordable Care Act, ACA, popularly known as Obamacare. Of these, 1.2 million have signed up since the registration period was extended until August 15.
But what are the benefits of the ACA that appeal to so many Americans?
First of all, the medical care received under Obamacare, regardless of the cost of the premium or the type of plan, is the same to which someone who pays 100% of insurance with money out of pocket has access.
The plans cover preventive care, which guarantees minor treatments, and prevents the need for costly interventions in the future when the conditions are more serious and sometimes hopeless.
All plans under the ACA include, by law, 10 essential benefits, such as mental health, addiction treatment, chronic disease coverage, maternity, and newborn services.
On the other hand, insurance companies cannot deny anyone’s coverage for pre-existing conditions, or arbitrarily increase the price of the premium, should they begin to suffer from a chronic or critical illness.
Also, the ACA eliminated the limits on annual coverage and, in addition, children can remain on the parent’s insurance until they turn 26 years old.
With this sea of ​​benefits, it is very difficult to resist picking up the phone to call Univista and enroll in a health plan under Obamacare. Haven’t you called yet? Obamacare: affordable, fair, and protective healthcare coverage.

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