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Obamacare extended until August 15

Obamacare extended until August 15. Last week it was announced that the special registration period for the health insurance market under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, will be extended until August 15.
This new period, which will run from May 15 to August 15, seeks to offer cheaper health insurance options to Americans, especially those millions of people affected by the pandemic, after losing their jobs, or those whose income was reduced.
According to official sources, more than 200,000 Americans signed up for Obamacare during the first two weeks of the still-in-force special enrollment period, which began on February 15.
Remember that health insurance that operates under Obamacare are government-subsidized health plans that must cover ten essential services.
These include outpatient services, emergency services, and hospital treatment that include medical examinations and tests received during admission. The maternity service that covers all treatments related to childbirth, the care of the expectant mother and the baby, is also included, as well as the coverage for mental health treatments, prescription drugs, and rehabilitation services, for example, those necessary after suffering a stroke. Medical examinations necessary to determine illness and a wide range of pediatric care, such as immunizations, children’s medical exams, or vision and dental care are covered. Obamacare extended until August 15.
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