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Obamacare: which plan do I choose?

Obamacare: Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Broce, which plan do I choose? The advantage of having health insurance under Obamacare is that it guarantees high-quality, subsidized health care at our pocket level.
However, understanding health plans under Obamacare is a bit tricky. It is best to always go to a Univista Insurance specialist for guidance on how to buy the right health plan or make a change for a better one.
Within the subsidized medical plans there is a scale of four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, which describe the portion of the cost that the beneficiary pays when receiving treatment.
In other words, if a patient has a Bronze plan, this plan will assume 60% of the cost of the treatment, while the beneficiary will take care of 40%. In the case of being Plant, Gold, or Platinum, the plan will assume 70, 80, or 90% of the cost, respectively.
As is known, the deductible is the part of the cost of each medical treatment that the patient always pays. But not everyone knows that each color of medical plans has a certain deductible. In other words, in a Bronze plan, you will pay more deductible than in a Platinum plan.
Logically you will say: “the convenient thing is to have a Platinum plan that covers 90% of my treatments, for which I pay a very low deductible.” It’s a good deduction, but you haven’t taken into account that the premium (monthly payment) for such a plan would be slightly higher than for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan.
If you are a healthy person, the type that never goes to the doctor and is young, it would be better for you to have a Bronze or Silver plan for which you pay a lower monthly payment. Obamacare: Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Broce, which plan do I choose?
However, regardless of the plan you choose, the Obamacare law allows you to save on your monthly premium based on your income. Remember that these are government-subsidized plans.
As you have seen, it is not easy. We insist it is best to call a Univista insurance specialist so they can help you find the subsidized health plan that best suits your needs. Don’t leave it until tomorrow, remember that the registration period closes on December 15th.

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