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Obamacare: great evils great remedies

Roberto Martínez had to close his small clothing store. The coronavirus, confinement, and business closures left him without a clientele. Although he got federal aid, it was only enough to pay his rent and debts with suppliers. So he decided to cut his losses and dedicate himself to something else. He closed the store his family had lived in for the past ten years.

His wife, María Pérez, immediately found work in a supermarket, while Roberto was placed as an assistant to a truck driver. “I have to do whatever it takes to put a plate of hot food on my children’s table,” Roberto is heard saying, with some resignation but determined to take the world by storm.

With this outlook, the family’s income has dropped considerably, and to contain expenses they have stopped paying for health insurance and have taken a month to the good of God. Something that makes María very nervous, especially when she thinks of her two children.

What Roberto and María do not know is that their family is eligible to obtain Obamacare without having to wait for the enrollment period to begin on November 1.

Losing their previous insurance, having changed jobs, seeing their income drop substantially – these are all requirements that make them eligible to have government-subsidized insurance and avoid being unprotected. Roberto doesn’t really have a legal obligation to have health insurance, but my grandmother used to say “misfortunes never come alone.”

It is best to contact a Univista Insurance agent and obtain subsidized health coverage that will cover prescription drugs, pediatrician visits, outpatient care, emergency services, hospitalization, laboratory tests, pregnancies, and pre-existing conditions, all for one very small cousin.

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