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Once again, the Florida No-Fault Law is up for debate

Once again, the Florida No-Fault Law is up for debate. The debate returns on the repeal of the Florida No-Fault Law that requires all motorists to have a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy that, in the event of an accident, covers themselves, their family, and pedestrians involved. It does not cover the occupants of the car you crash into. Regardless of who is at fault, the responsibility for the medical expenses of an accident rests with each driver’s insurance.
For this reason, the law of the Sunshine State requires you to have a $10,000 personal injury policy (PIP) and another $10,000 policy for material damage to third parties or Property Damage Liability (PDL).
However, this reality could change because last week a legislative project, which for the second consecutive year seeks the repeal of the No-Fault Law, was approved in one of the Senate committees and continues its passage through the different committees. of the legislative body.
If the proposal is approved and if it is not vetoed again by the governor, the Florida No-Fault Law would be repealed, instead, each motorist would be required to have Third Party Damage or Bodily Injury Liability coverage that, if guilty in an accident, it would cover the medical expenses of the other motorist and their companions. In addition, it would require having a Medical Payments policy -Medical Payment-, intended to cover the insured’s own medical expenses.
Detractors of the legal proposal argue that repealing the No-Fault Law would increase the price of premiums, especially for the neediest people who usually acquire the minimum legal coverage required in Florida. On the other hand, by having to determine who is at fault in each accident, insurance payments would be delayed and court proceedings would increase.
On the other hand, those who support the new proposal maintain that, if approved, insurance fraud will decrease, and being at fault in an accident would have financial and legal consequences. Also, there would be abuses of health benefits and motorists will be more careful on the road. In addition, they argue that there is not enough evidence to ensure that premium prices would increase. Once again, the Florida No-Fault Law is up for debate.
Whatever the outcome of this new attempt to repeal Florida’s No-Fault Law, you know that the cheapest auto insurance can be found at Univista Insurance.

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