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Importance on Getting Health Insurance?

Why is it Important to get Health Insurance during the Obamacare Period?

Your mailbox, radio, television, and internet advertisements must have told you that the next enrollment period for Obamacare 2021 begins on November 1 and lasts until December 15.

As this is a key opportunity, which happens once a year for 45 days, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions related to Obamacare.

Is Obamacare Health Insurance?

No, it is a law that guarantees quality affordable health plans, subsidized by the federal government, to all those eligible.

Do I have to be poor to be eligible for Obamacare?

No, the household of the eligible person must enter from 100% of the poverty level up to a maximum of 400%. For example, in the case of Florida, a single person must earn from $ 12,760 to $ 51,040 and a household of 4 people must earn from $ 26,200 to $ 104,800, per year. For the poor, there are other programs, such as Medicaid.

What does a quality health plan mean?

That insurance under Obamacare must meet certain standards and cover certain benefits that ensure that the subsidized person has the same health guarantees as one who pays 100 percent for a private health plan.

When can I sign up?

Every year, a registration period opens that runs from November 1 to December 15.

If I have a health insurance plan under Obamacare, should I watch the enrollment period?

Yes, because you can take advantage of that temporary opportunity to switch to a plan that best suits your needs. For example, if you are a healthy person, you can take advantage of and enroll in a plan with lower premiums.

When does the new plan’s coverage start?

The new plan starts from January 1, 2021, and will cover you during the year.

What happens if I don’t enroll during the Obamacare enrollment period?

Most likely, you will miss out on having subsidized insurance. And to have health insurance, you have to turn to truly expensive health insurance with fewer benefits than those that work under Obamacare.

What do I need to do to enroll in Obamacare?

Just pick up your phone and call Univista Insurance.

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