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Commercial insurance for businesses from home

There is commercial insurance for businesses that operate in homes. How many businesses have sprung up in garages? Apple, Google, Amazon, Disney, to name just a few of the best known, took their first steps in the homes of their founders. But they are not the only ones, according to the US Small Business Administration, some 30.2 million small businesses operate in homes in the US.
A logical figure, because, in the beginning, entrepreneurs seek to minimize costs, greater flexibility, avoid travel, and the occasional tax benefit.
If you walk through Hialeah, it is not difficult to see hair salons, barbershops, woodworkers, insurance brokers, childcare providers, software designers, or accountants operating from home. Especially since the pandemic began.
Despite the boom in work from home, many entrepreneurs are unaware that even home-based businesses must be covered by a business policy. Above all, because homeowners insurance excludes any damage related to a business that operates from home. If a client who comes in to file a tax return slips on the wet floor and breaks his hip, homeowners insurance won’t cover his medical bills, much fewer lawsuits.
There is specific commercial insurance for home-based businesses that are cheaper than traditional commercial coverage. They protect the entrepreneur from possible lawsuits and cover the damages that their tools may suffer, in addition to theft, electrical failures, computer errors, fires, etc.
If you are working from home and need cheap business insurance, call Univista Insurance. Prevent a lawsuit from truncating the takeoff of a company that could fly as high as Google, Amazon, or Apple. Make sure and keep dreaming. There is commercial insurance for businesses that operate in homes.

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