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Six tips for telecommuting entrepreneurs

Six tips for telecommuting entrepreneurs. Someone recently told me that the only positive thing about the pandemic is that it pushed us into the 21st century. Especially for companies. Many have discovered the usefulness of teleworking. An unthinkable phenomenon just 10 months ago.
Well, yes, COVID has forced us to enter the technological age to survive and, in many cases, this path is irreversible. Why pay for an office to do work that can be done remotely in a decentralized way? Having an office involves investing staff travel time, paying for parking spaces, electricity costs, rent payments, cleaning service, maintenance staff, office supplies, and many other expenses that have now simply disappeared.
But, by having staff working from home, certain gaps are opened in the IT security of companies that can be exploited by hackers to access and steal vital information or even a lot of money.
This vulnerability worries entrepreneurs. For this reason, we are going to share some basic measures to make it difficult to steal information and protect the company’s activity. Six tips for telecommuting entrepreneurs.

  1. Employees who handle sensitive information must work with company computers, where only labor information and software exist. Personal emails must be attended by other computers.
  2. Therefore, the employer must offer secure laptops to employees who work remotely.
  3. The company must hire a company specialized in technology to set up a secure work network.
  4. A technology expert (IT) should review home WIFI networks to determine if they are secure and also train employees on how to protect the wireless connection.
  5. The entrepreneur should review their commercial insurance policy or BOP and check if they have cyber liability insurance. Remember that 61% of cyberattacks are directed against small businesses.
  6. The company must train staff to avoid false websites, harmful emails, and prevent them on how to act against spam phone calls that have increased 50% since the pandemic began.

If you have a company, all this may seem like a lot of hassle, but if you compare with what you are saving, having your staff work from home, you will understand that all are advantages for your business.
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