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Sell my house without a real estate agent?

Can I sell my house without the help of a real estate agent? There are people so affected by the pandemic that paying the mortgage is very expensive and they have decided to sell their property themselves to save the payment of a real estate agent.
This method of sale, known in English as For Sale by Owner or FOBO, has, like all decisions in our life, advantages, and disadvantages.
The first great advantage of selling a house on your own is that you would save at least 3% of the property price in the operation. It is the rate that most real estate agents charge for their services. It is not a little money. On a $ 400,000 home, the sales agent’s service
it would reach $ 12,000.
But selling autonomously is not an easy task, a real estate agent is an expert in the field who, in addition to setting the right price for the property, will place it in the multiple listing service (MLS, the site of brokers of real estate), he will negotiate with the buyer’s agent, who is also an expert, so that the sale price moves as little as possible and will guide you through the different moments of the process.
The agents, in addition to having the appropriate knowledge, work with teams that streamline operations, have supervisors who control possible contract defects, have marketing networks, where they promote the house in question, collaborate with colleagues who may have the buyer
qualified and willing to acquire the property for sale.
If, however, you plan to sell your home independently, we recommend that you take the time to master the entire sale process.
There is a website called that may help you.
Another, like Zillow, would help you set a realistic price. And we also recommend using the limited services of a real estate agent to negotiate the contract for you or review the details of the sale for several hundred dollars. Can I sell my house without the help of a real estate agent?
It is key to remember that, once the purchase and sale contract is signed, each word has a consequence and the deadlines must be met. Otherwise, you could lose your business and suffer some other lawsuit.

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