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Should I buy a flood insurance policy?

Should I buy a flood insurance policy? Homeowners today pay an average of $560 a year for flood insurance. In other words, about $47 dollars a month to protect the most precious material asset: your home.
Of course, not all owners pay the same for their insurance. Some pay more or less depending on where their home is located. Here the maxim of insurance is fulfilled: “the higher the risk, the more expensive the policy”.
A good tool to know the risk of the area where your home is located is to use the FEMA map (FEMA’s flood map). Within that page, you just have to write your address and you will see on a map if your house is in a risk area.
After that consultation, if you are convinced that your house could be flooded, then buy the best possible insurance. For this, you can dedicate yourself to calling the different insurers to see which one gives you the cheapest price. But if you are a smart person, you will contact Univista Insurance directly, who will be in charge of finding you the best contract in the market.
Remember that FEMA changed the way flood risks are calculated. Until now, it was mainly based on the elevation of the land and the location of the property. The new FEMA update includes other factors such as the impact of rainfall, sea level, and the cost of rebuilding the home. It is a personalized and fairer method. As a result, some policyholders will pay less and others more for the same coverage as they did a year ago.
If you lack more evidence to convince yourself of the need for insurance, consider the recent flooding in South Florida. There were areas where the water flooded the streets for a week. Another important fact is that 20% of flood claims come from areas that were not classified by FEMA as risk areas. Should I buy a flood insurance policy?

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