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Solar energy, a magnificent idea if it meets every requirement

Solar energy, a magnificent idea if it meets every requirement. Every weekend, an army of solar panel salespeople knocks on the doors of homes in southern Florida, offering to free homeowners from the bondage of paying a monthly fee to the electric company in exchange for enjoying clean and free solar energy. It’s not a bad idea to save money while contributing to the planet’s salvation by mitigating global warming through our actions.
Everything sounds great, but many homeowners are in for an unpleasant surprise: after the panel installation, they discover that it lacks the legal authorization to operate and cannot connect to the grid. While the problem is being resolved, they have to continue paying for their electricity, in addition to the new obligations incurred by installing the costly structure. Furthermore, stricter cities demand that the installation be corrected under penalty of a $500 daily fine as long as the violation remains in effect. How can this be avoided?
Firstly, you need to know that to install a solar panel on your house’s roof, you need to request a permit and obtain authorization from your local government. The installation must be inspected before and after its placement.
Beforehand, an inspection is carried out to determine if the property’s electrical system can support the addition of the new system. An engineer must also verify if the property’s roof can support the anchoring and weight of the panel.
Each inspection will generate a report that will help you obtain authorization from the local authorities to proceed with the installation.
After the installation of the system by a specialized company, and before putting it into operation, a representative from the City’s Building Department will conduct an inspection to grant approval. Most utility companies will require government inspection documentation before connecting the solar panel to the grid.
In the end, the utility company itself must verify the system to receive the Operating Permit or PTO.
In addition to the potential fines and expenses one would incur for having an unpermitted panel, keep in mind that if a storm damages your roof and an unauthorized panel is present, the insurance company will not cover the repairs.
In conclusion, if you want to install a solar panel, take the necessary steps and gather information to prevent your green dream from turning into a dark nightmare. Solar energy, a magnificent idea if it meets every requirement.

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