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Solar roofs, yes, but with caution

Solar roofs, yes, but with caution. The proliferation of solar roofs in Florida homes is becoming increasingly common. Many homeowners, taking advantage of various financial assistance programs and the vast array of offerings, acquire their energy production system to reduce the increasingly hefty electric bills and contribute to environmental preservation. There’s no doubt that installing a solar energy generation system in our homes is a win-win.
During market booms, temporary companies and intermediaries often sprout like mushrooms, solely focused on selling their merchandise at any cost. What should be a service with significant benefits for a homeowner could be a complete disaster if certain precautions aren’t taken. The company vanishes, leaving the homeowner with an added structure on their property’s roof that could compromise the home’s security.
That’s why Florida’s legislature passed law HB1185 to safeguard consumers in this new environment.
The law not only obligates companies to clearly outline the warranties they offer and the technical features of the system they’re marketing but also requires specific information in the sales contract:
“The homeowner should consider the age and lifespan of their home’s roof before installing an energy generation system. Replacing your roof might necessitate reinstalling the system.” This information is crucial; the homeowner needs to know how to proceed if there’s a leak in the roof if a hurricane damages it, or when it’s time for a replacement. It must be clear who will be responsible for reinstalling the solar system.
The law also mandates the following warning in the contract: “Installing an energy generation system on your roof may impact your future insurance premiums. You are responsible for contacting your insurance company before entering into a purchase or lease agreement to confirm if your current policy or coverage needs modification upon installing the system on your property.”
Ultimately, the law aims to shield consumers from a new, highly positive phenomenon that, if not carefully considered, could have negative aspects associated with its installation. Solar roofs, yes, but with caution.

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