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Soledad Ortiz, the entrepreneur who put all the meat on the grill

Soledad Ortiz is the single mother of a 12-year-old boy. She emigrated to the US 15 years ago and, after much sacrifice, has managed to open a beautiful restaurant in Hialeah. Their debt is so high that everyone
Her energies focus on moving the business forward.

She works every day from 6:00 in the morning until 12:00 at night. When the pandemic started, it reinvented itself and created special take-away menus that have been very successful
among her clients. Thus, it has been able to keep its 8 employees on the staff. Ortiz is embarrassed to admit out loud that she has been working harder since the virus started.

All the money she earns she spends to pay off her huge debt.

One afternoon she received a call that paralyzed her meteoric career. Roberto Méndez, one of the delivery drivers, had suffered an accident and was hospitalized with prognosis
reserved. Mendez collided head-on with an old woman’s car. She was also hospitalized, with some minor injuries.

Soledad has insurance for her Worker Compensation Insurance workers and, on the advice of her Univista Insurance advisor, had taken out commercial insurance for the cars of the workers making the delivery. Therefore, the two hospitalizations and the damage suffered by both vehicles are covered by insurance. And also, a possible demand from the damaged old woman.

Can you imagine what would have happened if that car did not have commercial insurance?

Of the more than 400,000 accidents that occur in Florida annually, 44,000 involve commercial vehicles.

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