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Start of the school year: increase in accidents

Start of the school year: increase in accidents. Classes began on August 23. Thousands of parents with their children went to the educational establishments with the enthusiasm and nervousness that each start of a new stage in life produces.
At this time of year, many little ones started going to school for the first time. The mix of new uniform excitement, meeting their playmates on the road, makes these kids more anxious to run and play on the way to and from their classes.
Many young parents drive under the excitement of taking their children to school for the first time. Others, already accustomed, drive under the pressure of the limited time they have to leave their little ones at the school gate and to be able to arrive early at the workplace to start their working day.
The beginning of school is the time when many novice drivers take their vehicle for the first time to drive to their schools. It is also the time when the most active students decide to make the trip by bicycle or scooter.
The streets are filled not only with vehicles, but hundreds of yellow buses also appear crossing the streets of the city.
In the areas close to educational establishments there is an increasing presence of groups of schoolchildren, inexperienced pedestrians, who try to cross avenues and streets, underestimating the danger involved in doing so without taking all the necessary precautions.
According to statistics, on the dates that mark the return to school, there are record numbers of car accidents. Pedestrian accidents and vehicle collisions are on the increase.
That’s why at Univista Insurance we provide you with seven very useful tips when using your car at this time of year:

  1. Leave home with enough time to avoid having to run to school.
  2. You and the children must use a seat belt.
  3. Younger children should go in special seats attached to the rear seats of the car.
  4. Passengers under 13 must ride in the rear seats of the vehicle.
  5. You as a driver must be very attentive to the road and remember that there are many minors traveling, both on foot and by bicycle.
  6. When you drive, you should keep in mind that school buses are a priority. They should never be exceeded when they are stopped, dropping off, or picking up students.
  7. In school zones, there is a special speed limit that must be respected.

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