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Personalized and effective business insurance

Your business requires personalized and effective insurance. Being creative in times of a pandemic can affect the survival of many businesses. Nowadays, some forms and variants of selling have been developed that previously barely reached small market shares.
An example of this is the rise of home catering. They are meals prepared by chefs with a very high-quality raw material. It seeks to work with natural, fresh, healthy products that do not have colorants, or preservatives, or excess fat. These meals are delivered to customers’ homes through online orders.
In a climate as hot as Florida, an enemy of this new model of service is bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. It is estimated that one in four Americans each year will suffer from some form of illness transmitted by contaminated food.
Therefore, if you are engaged in this type of business, you must have commercial insurance specialized in Catering that includes coverage against product contamination.
If a customer consumes contaminated food that has been processed by you, he will be protected under the usual commercial general liability policy and may receive monetary compensation.
But imagine that, after preparing your orders for a whole day, you detect that one of the natural products you used was contaminated, then you will have no choice but to throw it all away. If that happens to you and you have specialized Catering insurance, the business can replace all damaged products and food with contamination coverage.
Contact Univista and explain in detail the characteristics of the business you wish to insure. Our agents will prepare a specific commercial insurance package for the activity that you carry out. Rest assured, you won’t find more coverage for such a low price. Your business requires personalized and effective insurance.

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