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Summer is here; it’s time for the Pool Party!!!

Summer is here; it’s time for the Pool Party !!! Our children are already enjoying summer vacation after a rather unusual school year due to the pandemic. Many friends, who have been separated, take advantage of the holidays and the end of the COVID restrictions to meet and have a good time. The houses that have a swimming pool are converted into summer camps. There the children have fun swimming, playing, in short, taking advantage of their free time. Pool Party !!!
Pool parties are a real challenge for homeowners with pools. More than 3,500 people die each year in the US from swimming pool accidents. Do not be discouraged, you just have to take the appropriate precautions to avoid accidents.
The first thing is that the pool can only be used under adult supervision. To do this, you must have a fence around it and an entrance door with a child safety lock. If possible, install an alarm that alerts you when that door is opened.
Avoid placing furniture near the gate that children can use to climb and enter the pool.
Houses with swimming pools must have lifeguard floats that can be thrown into the water during any emergency.
Toys, balls, squirt guns must be collected from the edge of the pool to avoid accidental falls.
One of the dangers associated with swimming pools is the chemicals used to keep them clean. These products should be stored in a secure area out of the reach of any intruder.
Speaking of cleaning, keeping the pool in optimal hygienic conditions is the responsibility of the owner. A dirty pool can be a source of contagious diseases.
If a thunderstorm suddenly forms, get everyone out of the water and into a safe place.
Last but not least, check your insurance policy to make sure if it covers accidents related to the use of your pool. Remember that at Univista Insurance you will find the cheapest homeowner’s insurance on the market. Summer is here; it’s time for the Pool Party !!!

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