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Term Life Insurance, the favorite of couples

Term Life Insurance, the favorite of young couples. Living as a couple, forming a home, and having children are creating an emotional and financial interdependence between two people. It is a project to which the members of the couple contribute in order to guarantee economic stability, on which future plans are developed, the education of the children, and the search for family happiness.
If any of the members of the couple ceased to exist, the balance would be broken and everything could fall apart. That is why many young couples resort to Term Life Insurance, with the aim of guaranteeing said stability during the most critical period of a family. That is, while they achieve financial freedom.
Term Life Insurance covers the family for a period of time -10, 15, 20, or 30 years-, with the amount of money agreed in the contract.
The insured can determine how much money they want to insure for. However, the usual thing is to multiply the annual salary of the insured by ten. So if an insured person who earns $ 50,000 per year dies, her family will receive $ 500,000.
Some companies may offer to invest that money in a fund that generates 10% per year. The family would receive about $ 50,000 a year from the fund. Term Life Insurance, the favorite of young couples.
Term Life Insurance is fashionable among young married couples because it is very cheap, the premium rate does not vary during the covered period and it is a very simple contract.
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