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The delivery had an accident, who pays?

The delivery had an accident, who pays? One of the great advantages of new technologies is that it allows us to put the product of our business on the doorstep of our client’s homes. It does not matter if it is food, clothing, jewelry, or appliances. Our clients can be pleased by just clicking on their cell phones.
At least, that’s what Laura thought when creating the pizzeria “La Vita Nuova” in Miami Lake and a friend, a website designer, developed a platform for her, where customers can request home delivery of all the products that are sold. They prepare in the restaurant.
“The pizzas arrive hot and frozen ice cream. All made at home ”, said Laura. The best thing about the idea was that several delivery boys use the application and carry the orders in their own vehicles. “They charge a tip stipulated on the bill. Everybody wins ”, used to say, Barbara, who called herself the UBER Eat of pizzas.
A month ago, one of the delivery men suffered a spectacular accident against a kiosk, when he was carrying an order. The crash was such that the car was declared a total loss. The bills for the surgical operation to which he was subjected are astronomical and the young man’s car insurance was not responsible, arguing that the delivery activity is not covered in a conventional insurance policy.
Suddenly, all eyes turned to Laura who now faces a lawsuit that, by the way, does not cover her commercial insurance by not including the delivery cars in her business policy.
In conclusion, if she is found responsible, Laura will have to take care of the medical bills and the rehabilitation of the driver, the replacement of the damaged car, the expenses of the damaged property, in addition to the legal fees. The delivery had an accident, who pays?
All of this could be avoided with adequate commercial insurance. If you are delivering or have had a brilliant idea to improve your business, seek advice from your insurance agent. Don’t turn a bright dream into a terrible nightmare.

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