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The hurricane affected my business, what do I do?

The hurricane affected my business, what do I do? People running a business in Florida should never lose sight of the fact that they live in a state where powerful storms and hurricanes are frequent. Therefore, it is not only necessary to be prepared for the probable passage of a hurricane, but also for the recovery of the business after it.
After the forced closure of a business due to the passage of a major storm and when local officials declare that the area is safe, before accessing the premises, the warehouse, or the office where your business is developed, you must insure the place, account, and document the damage.
It is recommended, as soon as possible, to make the necessary repairs to avoid further deterioration caused by the hurricane.
If the business is located in an area declared a disaster area by the federal government, you could apply for help from the Small Business Administration -SBA, for its acronym in English-. For this, there is a website where you can check if you qualify for a federal loan for being affected by a disaster. There you will find different resources available in your area to rebuild your business, as well as free guides and advice.
On the other hand, you as a business owner can make a claim against your insurance company for damages to your business caused by the storm and loss of business income during the closure. This last claim is only if you have business interruption coverage. It may even be that your business has not been directly affected, but your main supplier has and, therefore, you do not receive the raw material that allows you to open the doors.
In any case, you must move with diligence, because there will be many claims in the affected areas.
As you have seen in Florida, it is essential to be prepared for the passage of a storm, but it is essential to know how to proceed if it affects your business. The hurricane affected my business, what do I do?

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