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The surprising truth behind boat insurance

The surprising truth behind boat insurance. Summer is approaching and not a few people consider that it is the optimal time to buy a boat. “Mom: can you imagine going sailing with the children through the islands near Miami. Fishing, diving, sunbathing, that’s life.”
Women, who are generally more aware of the administration of the house, after knowing the price of the boat, many will wonder, “how much does it cost to insure all this”.
The insurance of a boat depends on many aspects: the size, the price, the type of boat, the age, the speed it reaches, and the area in which it is going to navigate.
The coverage options that are contracted, the history of the boat itself, and the training of the person who will pilot it also have an influence. With all this in mind, we could approximate what the insurance will cost.
You will think, “that data has not helped me much”. So, to clarify more and without wishing to be exact, we can tell you that in general boat insurance covers civil liability -against other people- and physical damage to the boat itself -caused by shock, fire, vandalism, lightning, etc- can cost annually 1.5% of the price of the boat. That is, for a boat whose price is 30,000 dollars, the insurance will be around 450 dollars a year. The surprising truth behind boat insurance.
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