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There are no zero-risk flood areas in Florida

There are no zero-risk flood areas in Florida. Many homeowners in Florida mistakenly claim to live in areas that don’t flood when the correct statement would be that their home is in a low-risk zone. In reality, the possibility of flooding affects the entire state.
FEMA’s comprehensive flood risk map, available at, is a valuable tool for homeowners. It categorizes areas into low, moderate, and high risk, dispelling the myth of zero risk and guiding homeowners to make informed decisions about their insurance needs.
FEMA considers a high-risk zone to have at least a 1% chance of flooding yearly. For insurance purposes, homeowners with properties in high-risk areas and whose mortgages are issued by a federally regulated lender must purchase flood insurance.
In this context, a moderate-risk zone is one where there is less than a 1% chance of flooding each year, but the risk is still present. Consequently, homeowners with properties in moderate-risk areas do not require flood insurance, although some lenders might still need it. It’s advisable to get it regardless.
Even in low-risk areas, where flood insurance is not mandatory, it’s important to remain cautious. Surprisingly, 25% of flood insurance claims come from these supposedly safe zones, highlighting the need for preparedness.
The average policy cost from Florida’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is $781 per year. It’s important to note that factors like the property’s location influence the insurance premium price. For example, a policy in a low-risk area may cost around $500, while in a high-risk area, it could exceed $2,400 annually.
The good news is that NFIP policies are more expensive than private insurance, but private options often provide better coverage.
If you’re looking for affordable flood insurance to protect your home, contact a Univista Insurance agent. There are no zero-risk flood areas in Florida.

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