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They raise my car insurance for my mother-in-law

They raise my car insurance for my mother-in-law. Roberto told me with alarm that the insurer wrote him a letter informing him that he had raised the price of his car insurance policy.
When he called the office, thinking it was a mix-up. However, they told him that he had not declared his mother-in-law as a potential driver. “But how am I going to declare her, if she is 76 years old and she hasn’t driven for a long time? On the other end of the phone, they argued that the law is clear. “All people with the ability to drive in the family nucleus must be included in the policy.”
In the event that the owner of a policy does not want to include someone in his family in the coverage, for fear of increasing the premium, he must exclude it in writing. But, the condition to be able to exclude it is that said person has his own car and also, his own insurance.
The advantage of being able to exclude, for example, a son who is not very good at driving, lacks experience, and, to top it off, likes to run, is that the father or mother manages to protect his good relationship with his insurer. On the other hand, the son is forced to build his own history from his own experience.
On the other hand, if the undeclared person has an accident with your car and the insurer detects that they live in your house, they will most likely deny you coverage.
In short, the insurer can raise the premium without prior notice, if it discovers that you have not been totally transparent in declaring the licensed people who live under your roof. They raise my car insurance for my mother-in-law.
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