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This program grants $10,000 to reinforce your home

This program grants $10,000 to reinforce your home. Home insurance is becoming increasingly expensive in Florida. One way to reduce the cost of homeowner’s insurance is to make renovations to the home that increase its safety, such as fixing the roof, installing impact-resistant windows and doors, and reinforcing the roof anchors and property structure. However, these repairs are not cheap.
However, last week Florida ratified the My Safe Florida Home program, which, with $100 million, expands and extends grants for home renovations to make them safer.
Under the My Safe Florida Home program, which goes into effect on July 1st, homeowners can request a wind mitigation inspection – conducted by certified inspectors at no cost – to determine the condition of the home and the necessary improvements to make it more hurricane-resistant.
The program can provide up to $10,000 in grants for these repairs. The condition for receiving the funds is that the homeowner invests $1 for every $2 received in state grants. In other words, for the state to provide $10,000, the homeowner would need to spend $5,000. Another requirement is that the homeowner must live in the house, for which they will need to provide proof of a homestead exemption. Additionally, the property must be insured for a maximum of $700,000. Once the work is completed, the home must be inspected.
Those interested in reinforcing their homes through this program should visit the website and apply for assistance.
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