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Three main claims to commercial insurance

Three main claims to commercial insurance. If you are thinking of starting a business, pay attention to the following data: An average of 7,410 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are burned annually in the US, according to a report by the US Fire Administration. Nearly 110 people are injured in these incidents and property damage losses amount to more than $ 165 million. But it’s not just restaurants that burn, according to the Insurance Information Institute, a fire breaks out in the US every 64 seconds, the consequence of which is $ 11 billion in property damage.
Another piece of information that makes the hair stand on end is the one concerning the theft. According to experts, 42% of business inventory losses are caused by theft by employees themselves.
Therefore, when you open your business, in addition to taking preventive measures, such as implementing different control systems and surveillance by cameras, your BOP commercial insurance policy must include coverage of employee dishonest / theft endorsement or what is the same, coverage that protects you from theft by your own employees.
It is common to see signs in businesses that warn that the floor is wet and people can runoff. It’s no accident, it turns out that slip-and-slip customer falls are the most common cause of business injuries and claims. Your BOP package should have coverage to protect you from fall claims. Three main claims to commercial insurance.
Well, you know, when it comes to purchasing commercial BPO insurance, don’t settle for an average package that may overlook the specifics of your company. It is best to call Univista Insurance where a commercial insurance specialist will design a personalized coverage that takes into account each potential danger that your business may face.

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