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Three pillars of defensive driving

Three pillars of defensive driving. Many people think that a good driver is the one who gets to all the places first. A logic reflected in the way of driving of countless drivers that, unfortunately, we see every day on the streets and highways of the city.

Fortunately, another group of people believes that being a good driver is one who drives defensively.

Far from what is commonly thought, defensive driving has nothing to do with hitting the highway at a snail’s pace. It is driving based on three fundamental pillars: observation, anticipation and mastery of space.

Driving is observing and acting accordingly. A preventive driver respects the proper distance between vehicles. He knows that this must be proportional to the speed at which he circulates.

The cautious driver not only looks ahead, he is attentive to the entire environment to anticipate what might happen. In other words, a good driver moderates his speed if he approaches a traffic light; you move away from a vehicle if it is traveling erratically or yields the right of way if another driver needs it.

A good driver cannot be someone who does not control the spatial location of his own vehicle or if he does not know how his car will respond to each of his commands or who does not take into account the influence that his actions will have on the other cars around him. Whether it’s when you apply the brakes hard or need powerful acceleration.

Multiple vehicles circulate simultaneously on the roads of a modern city, the good driver tries at all costs to avoid putting his life and that of other drivers at risk. Either, warning with the turn signals your lane changes, or avoiding accelerating at speeds that do not allow you full control of the vehicle. Three pillars of defensive driving.

In short, being a good driver not only produces satisfaction, but it also has other practical advantages. Some insurers offer significant discounts to those drivers who have not suffered an accident in the last five years. These discounts can be up to 25% of the price of the policy.

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