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Three tips for driving in the rain

Three tips for driving in the rain. Rains in Florida are a frequent occurrence. Despite them, we continue to go to work, study or have fun. But we can’t deny that driving through a torrential downpour puts our driving skills to the test.

Driving well on wet pavement and poor visibility has its rules and here we want to share a few to make you feel safer.

Anticipation and prevention is always the best advice. For this reason, it is recommended to check the windshield wipers with some regularity, especially in rainy seasons. Fortunately, today, there are many places where you can buy a good pair of windshield wipers with just one click.

The safety of your car will depend on the condition of your wheels. They are responsible for your stability and adherence to the road. The recommendation is to change the tires every 20,000 miles, or even every five years before they lose elasticity. Especially the front wheels, which are the ones that produce the traction and the ones that wear the most.

If you don’t know when to change them, here’s a tip: look at the tire patterns and their wear. To do this, you must check the depth of the grooves by inserting a dime (a dime) into them, if you can see the entire Lincoln head, you have to change them. This will prevent slipping or skidding when driving on wet pavement.

If it is raining, maintain more defensive driving, limit your speed to one-third of normal driving, keep more distance from the car in front of you and avoid the lanes submerged in water.

If your car is aquaplaning, (sliding on a water bag or mirror) avoid accelerating or braking, keep the tiller straight until you feel the wheels come into contact with the pavement, only then brake if necessary or continue the March.

It often happens that the windows fog up when we drive in the rain. It is very annoying and dangerous since it prevents us from seeing well. The trick to making that fog go away faster is to turn on the hot air in your car. They also sell anti-fog liquids, anti-fog Agents, which can be applied to the glass and thus prevent them from fogging up. As I said before, the best thing is to prevent it. Three tips for driving in the rain.

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