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Tips for your child to have a safe pool party

Tips for your child to have a safe pool party. Pool parties are one of the most enjoyable pastimes for children in South Florida. The group of school friends gathers at one of their homes, eats pizza, hot dogs, drinks sodas and ice cream, and swims in the pool with the music blasting.
Parents love this type of event because they don’t have to travel to the beach, the kids break away from their cell phone routines, and it’s a perfect opportunity to connect with the parents of their children’s friends.
However, homeowners who organize a children’s pool party must understand that the responsibility for everything that happens at that party falls on them.
To avoid issues, we share some tips for having a safe party:

  1. Children must be under active parental supervision at all times to prevent potential accidents.
  2. If parents are also having a good time in another part of the house, they should always designate one of them to stay by the pool.
  3. A good idea is to identify in advance the children who can’t swim. This allows focusing supervision on them and requiring them to use a life jacket.
  4. The host should establish clear rules, for example, no diving, no playing dunking games with another child, or no running around the pool edges, among other measures.
  5. Equip the pool with enough life jackets, and children who can’t swim should wear them at all times.
  6. It’s important to check the levels of chemicals used in the pool. If you know you’re having a party, adjust the levels of these products two days before.
  7. If the pool is very large and there are many children, it’s best to hire a professional lifeguard.
  8. If there’s any danger in the pool’s surroundings, such as electrical devices, a dog, a grill, try to keep your young guests away from that risk and warn responsible individuals and the children themselves not to access that area.

If you take all measures and an accident occurs, remember that this risk is covered by most homeowner insurance policies. You just have to call Univista Insurance. Tips for your child to have a safe pool party.

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