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Tips to avoid blind spots while driving

Tips to avoid blind spots while driving. One of the most commonly used excuses by drivers who survive a fatal accident is, “I swear I looked in the mirror and didn’t see it.” Many wonder, “Where did it come from?” And although it may seem unbelievable, those people are not lying; they had the prudence to look in the mirror before making the maneuver. However, they didn’t realize that the vehicle they ended up colliding with was very close to them, in the blind spot. That is, outside the field of vision of the rearview mirror. How can we avoid making that mistake that costs lives?
To reduce the blind spots of our car while driving, the simplest precaution is to change the angle from which we look at the mirror before making the maneuver to merge into the left lane. In other words, lean back and look at the rearview mirror, and then move your body forward to the steering wheel while keeping your eyes on the mirror. With this simple movement, we reduce the blind spot on the left, although it doesn’t eliminate it completely. This method is only effective for the left rearview mirror.
However, the most efficient system is to install a small convex mirror on the rearview mirror, which is sold in almost all auto parts stores. These small mirrors expand the field of vision of what is happening alongside our car.
Modern cars come with sensors that alert us to the presence of a vehicle in the blind spot. They are an incredible aid, but it is always advisable to make sure that there is nothing in the blind spot before making a maneuver. Sensors can also fail or not detect pedestrians or cyclists.
A basic tip to reduce the risk is to use turn signals and indicate the maneuver we are about to make. If by mistake we don’t see someone, they will be warned and can prevent an accident from occurring.
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