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Tips to prevent a tragedy

Tips to prevent a celebration from becoming a tragedy. December marks the end of a cycle. It’s the month when friends and family look for the slightest excuse to get together and celebrate, and it all culminates in the great end-of-the-year celebration.
This month, in Florida, the nights are very pleasant, so parties are increasing in the patios and outdoor areas of the houses. In these meetings, the grills gain an incredible role. The hosts prepare exquisite chorizos, grilled sausages, juicy entrails, picaña, the tail of the rump, or roasted ribs, to entertain their guests in a more fun and tasty way.
But beware, according to reports from the National Fire Protection Association, in the US there are about 10,600 fires in houses related to barbecues or grills. In addition, some 19,700 people are treated in hospitals for burns or grill-related injuries.
That is why we want to share with you some security measures, to prevent a celebration from endangering the physical integrity of friends and family or ruining their property.
First, the location of the grill is critical. These should be located in an open area, about nine feet from any construction and away from bushes.
Grills must be cleaned before use. The most common fires are caused by flames caused by excess fat accumulated on barbecues. The same care must be taken if the grill is charcoal. In these, you must remove the old ashes, which are generally impregnated with grease.
If your grill is a gas grill, the advice is to inspect the hoses, making sure there are no damages or breaks where the gas can escape. Grills that have not been used for a long time should be wiped with a cloth soaked in water with plenty of detergents through the hose and the joints, to check that there are no gas leaks. If bubbles appear, the hoses must be adjusted or replaced.
While cooking, the grill should never be left unattended. There should always be a responsible person aware. To prevent food from burning and children from getting injured. Tips to prevent a celebration from becoming a tragedy.
Something very important, never put a grill on the balcony of your apartment. It could set the whole building on fire.
Remember that although your homeowner’s insurance includes coverage against fire, the best protection is prevention.

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