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Tips to protect teeth during the holidays

Tips to protect teeth during the holidays. The December festivities are a constant attack on the health of our mouths. In addition to increasing food intake at each visit, you have to eat and drink. In addition, we have company food, food from friends, food from ex-colleagues, food from the gym, and food with the aunt who is going on a trip before Christmas Eve. The result is that at these parties we consume more sugar than recommended by doctors, candies, cookies, sweets, nougats, cakes, and the sugar itself incorporated into the drink.
In December, the most conservative of us fall far short of the limit of consuming 6 teaspoons of sugar per day for women and 9 for him that doctors recommend. Turning our backs to the fury that surrounds us is impossible. However, we can apply some tips to protect oral health during the holidays.
A good measure is to include a toothbrush with its tube of paste in your backpack, work briefcase, or purse. And after every meal, brush your teeth.
As much as possible, one should avoid or overindulge in foods that stick to the teeth. That characteristic of food is equivalent to a lot of sugar and a lot of sugar equals cavities.
On the other hand, December is the season for pork rinds and hard nougats. The poor teeth have a hard job to do. Well, you should be careful when eating these foods as they can break or chip your teeth.
Finally, if you feel any discomfort in any part of your mouth, do not leave it until later, go to your dentist, and remember that until December 31, you can spend the benefits of the 2022 dental insurance. Tips to protect teeth during the holidays.

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