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Tips to take care of visual health

Tips to take care of visual health. Sight is one of the senses that we use the most and we only realize its great importance when it presents a problem. “I can’t see from afar” -myopia or hyperopia- others complain of not being able to see “those letters” -presbyopia-.
That is why it is important to take care of visual health so that our eyes work properly. Now you will wonder how to do it. Well, certain measures can be taken that will allow you to take care of your eyes and prevent possible pathologies and eye complications.
The first recommendation is to go to the ophthalmologist once a year. Now that 2023 begins, it is the ideal time to plan a routine visit to the doctor to detect any abnormality in time. Early detection of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or macular degeneration is essential to stop or slow down the progression of these conditions as much as possible. Something that many people are unaware of is that a vision check can detect cancer, hypertension, and heart disease, among many other conditions.
Use the correct light at all times. If you are going to read a book, the room should be well-lit. Avoid flashing lights and reflections for a long period of time.
When using a computer, it should be placed at the same level as the eyes, so as not to look down or up. In addition, the screen must be located at a minimum distance of 50 centimeters.
Hydration plays a fundamental role in visual health. We must drink water regularly and if we detect dry eyes, the ophthalmologist can prescribe artificial tears.
We are what we eat. So fruits and vegetables loaded with vitamins A and C help us maintain good visual health. Red fruits, citrus fruits, carrots, spinach, or chard are good for the eyes.
Finally, at Univista Insurance you can purchase vision insurance for you and your family that allows you to maintain your visual health in optimal conditions. Tips to take care of visual health.

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