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Three essential coverages for truck operators

Three essential coverages for truck operators. About 70% of all goods that move in the US are transported by road. According to Truck Info, trucks transport the equivalent of $ 680 billion in products and merchandise per year. These figures indicate how important this vital service is to the country. If someone decides to dedicate themselves to road transport, as a way of life, they must comply with the rules established to guarantee the safety of the cargo.
A fundamental policy for carriers is Cargo Insurance that will cover the damages that the merchandise that you carry in your vehicle may suffer. Being a carrier is not simply having a truck and transporting goods from one place to another, it is doing it responsibly. Client companies put thousands and thousands of dollars in the hands of carriers in essential products that must arrive at their destination in good condition and in the agreed time. The law warns that the responsibility for the cargo rests with the carrier, from the moment he mounts it on his truck until he signs the delivery at the destination.
The Department of Transportation requires that all owner-operators have Primary Liability Insurance that protects the damages or injuries that other people may suffer as a result of an accident with said vehicle. Insurers typically cover $ 35,000 to $ 5,000,000.
Trucks, like any other vehicle, can suffer accidents, fires or theft, and are affected by storms or floods. To repair the damages suffered under the mentioned circumstances, there is the Collision or Shock Coverage.
It is key that, when you are going to dedicate yourself to transporting goods, you contact Univista Insurance agents who will be able to guide you on the different policies that exist in the market to protect your business. Three essential coverages for truck operators.
They will find you the cheapest insurance with the best protection for your truck.

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