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Three reasons to have vision insurance

Every year we should get our eyes checked to find any serious eye-related diseases in time. These tests help find other conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure, doctors say, before symptoms develop.

If we are honest, and we think about when was the last time we went to an eye doctor, we would have to admit that these visits are not in our priorities. Above all, because having a routine vision checkup is perceived as a waste of time and money.

However, the grandmother of a childhood friend of mine lost her sight due to glaucoma. According to the doctors, if the disease had been detected early, they could have kept it at bay with a few simple drops in their eyes.

One of the advantages of having vision insurance is that it includes one check-up a year, a pair of prescription glasses, and deep discounts on surgical interventions, if necessary.

The price of vision insurance varies. Family plans can be found around $ 40 and individual plans around $ 14. It all depends on the age of the insured and their health condition.

If someone without insurance went to a consultation with an ophthalmology specialist, the visit would not fall below $ 250. To this figure, the price of the treatment would have to be added. This is another reason to have vision insurance.

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