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What coverages does my business vehicle need?

What coverages does my business vehicle need? For many companies, their vehicles are a fundamental element when developing their productive activity. In this case are contractors, painters, cleaning services, gardeners and landscapers, air conditioning technicians and home nurses.
If your company provides any of these services, it is essential that the vehicles used in the business are protected by commercial insurance that covers any damage or injury caused by you or your workers. For this, it is recommended that the vehicle has a civil liability policy that covers personal injuries or damage to the property of third parties. You must also have collision coverage, to compensate for damage caused by another car to a vehicle belonging to your company, comprehensive coverage that covers damage to your vehicle as a result of vandalism, theft, falling trees or hail. In addition, a policy for medical expenses, to be used in case of accidental injuries and another that protects you from uninsured or underinsured vehicles is recommended.
These are general coverages. But each business must try to have the specific policies of its activity. For example, if the vehicle is essential, it is recommended to have a rental reimbursement policy, which can pay the rental of a replacement vehicle for the time that the company car is damaged, after suffering an accident.
If you’re worried about the price of commercial auto insurance, we’ll tell you that it will depend on the type of car, the number of miles you drive per day, the class of business and the history of the person who drives it.
It is appropriate to point out that if a car with private insurance is used in a commercial activity and suffers an accident, it is reason enough for the insurer to reject any claim.
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