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What does a lender look at before granting a mortgage?

What does a lender look at before granting a mortgage? Few people can afford to buy their dream home outright without resorting to a mortgage. Despite this reality, there are many doubts about what a lender evaluates when granting a mortgage loan.
The first step to buying a house is to approach a Mortgage Broker to apply for a mortgage. This specialist, before releasing a single cent, will analyze the client’s credit history, savings, bank statements, income, debts, whether from credit cards or the purchase of a car. They will also look at other financial burdens such as child support from a previous marriage.
In their analysis, they will check if the client can benefit from any of the different government programs, such as FHA – for first-time buyers, VA – if they are a veteran, or Hometown Heroes – for doctors, nurses, police, and firefighters.
The Mortgage Broker will anticipate how property taxes and insurance could affect the future mortgage. That is, they will not only check if the client is able to meet the mortgage loan and interest payments but will also include in the analysis their ability to pay the taxes and insurance required by the property.
After all this analysis, the Mortgage Broker could issue the long-awaited Pre-Approval Letter for the mortgage, so the client can go out and look for a house within the pre-approved amount, knowing in advance the mortgage rates, down payment, and monthly payment.
If, after the analysis, it is not possible to pre-approve the client, all is not lost. The Mortgage Broker will create a strategy so the client can obtain their mortgage in the future.
As we can see, although homeowner insurance is not mandatory in Florida, lenders require it for people buying a property through a mortgage. It is so important that without a homeowner insurance contract, a mortgage contract cannot be closed.
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