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What is commercial property insurance?

What is commercial property insurance? Most of the businesses we see on the streets are carried out on rented properties. The owner of the pizzeria in your neighborhood, in general, is only a tenant of the place where his restaurant is located. The same thing happens with stores, clinics, or hairdressers.
Owning commercial property and renting it out is a great business. If it is well located and in good condition, a good profit can be made without dealing with workers, customers, or suppliers.
However, the owners of the premises must protect their assets – building, office or premises, – because they are the source of their income.
So much so that, in addition to requiring the tenant who owns the business to obtain all the commercial insurance necessary to carry out his activity, the landlord himself must protect his assets.
For this, there is the owner’s insurance or property insurance, which covers the building or premises, in the event of a fire, theft, or some type of lawsuit.
As its name suggests, said insurance only protects the property, it does not cover the tenant or the investment that he has made to carry out his business. What is commercial property insurance?
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