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What role does an insurance agent play?

What role does an insurance agent play when buying a home? Generally, when buying a property, we consider the real estate agent, the lender or lender, and the title agency, but very few people find it useful to contact the insurance agent.
However, including the latter among your advisors will help you make a better decision in your largest investment and we explain why.
If you seek the help of a local insurance agent, he can guide you in choosing the geographic area that best suits you according to your budget.
Many times we like two houses, and we do not know which one to decide on, because the insurance agent can anticipate the costs that you will incur when buying one property or another. Sometimes the difference can be several thousand dollars.
Another advantage is that insurance agents can access previous property claims and alert you to the weaknesses of the property. They can tell you if the property has suffered a problem with the roof, with the electrical system, or if it has had any claims for cracks in the foundation.
As you can see, the difference of having an insurance agent when buying a property is the same as crossing an avenue blindly or being accompanied by a guide. Plus, it’s free. What role does an insurance agent play when buying a home?
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