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What should I do before a storm hits?

What should I do before a storm hits? The first threatening storms of the 2021 hurricane season are already appearing. If we own a property, it is time to be well prepared for if these storms decide to make landfall.
It is common for multiple storms to form in the Atlantic at this time of year, but not all of them will make landfall, many will decrease in intensity or change course, so how do we prepare without overdoing it?
A week before a hurricane is a forecast, you must make any remaining house arrangements, trim the trees, fix that door that beats in the wind, repair the fence. If you have any loose shingles it is time to secure them. Remove anything that could become a projectile from the yard or plan where you can store it. He also prepares an evacuation plan and an emergency kit.
Three days before the arrival of the storm, the scene is more definitive. If it is very large, the authorities will have declared a state of emergency. By now you will know if you are staying home or should evacuate.
If you plan to go to a shelter, secure the house, lock everything up and get going. Keep in mind that the roads will collide and it will take longer to reach your destination.
If you decide to stay home, review your emergency plan. Store ice in refrigerators to keep food in good condition, in the event of a power failure. Buy food and water for seven days. As a precaution, refuel your car. It is advisable to have cash, which you check if you have enough batteries for all your laptops. Contact your neighbors and see if they need help. Especially those older people who live alone.
As for the house, put the window protectors (hurricane shutters), keep the important documents in a safe place, (the property of your house, the insurance contracts, bank card, the titles of your cars, diplomas of graduates, and passports).
The day before the hurricane hits, it’s time to charge all the phones. Enter the flowerpots, the armchairs on the terrace, if you have a pet that usually sleeps outside, you should also bring it into the house. Download some movies for your kids to your laptop. And finally, keep the flashlights and the radio located, close everything well and go to sleep.
Very important, if you have a generator, it cannot work inside the house or inside the garage. These machines must operate outdoors because the carbon monoxide they produce kills people.
The next day, when the hurricane has passed, check the condition of your house. If all is well, try to help your neighbors. What should I do before a storm hits?

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