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What to know before roasting the turkey

What to know before roasting the turkey and lighting the Christmas tree. The last 45 days of the year are the most festive. We have the custom to decorate the houses with decorative figures, candles, Christmas trees, or inflatable Santa Claus. Our houses become true fairy tales. It is also time to prepare great dinners. Thanksgiving stuffed turkey, New Year’s roast pork, weekend roast.
“A year is ending and you have to celebrate it in style.” Every free time should be a reason to celebrate: drinks, cooking, decorations, lights, and candles. The perfect cocktail for an accident to occur.
According to The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), cooking is the leading cause of the household fire. 40% of fires are started by leaving a pot or pan on the fire unattended. If you’re inviting friends and family, don’t go dancing and forget about cooking.
The candles that we use so much at parties cause big fires in homes. These beautiful and sometimes smelly ornaments caused more than 10,000 fires in four years in the United States. Avoid wearing them at celebrations. Now there are battery-powered candles, very similar to traditional ones, which are very safe.
If you prefer to light a traditional candle, we recommend that you do not leave it burning without the attention of an adult, keep it away from flammable products, and do not place it near curtains.
Christmas trees are the source of many fires. It is known that the natural trees dry up and any spark from the damaged wires of the Christmas lights turns them into real torches. It is recommended to use certified lights and garlands and not to leave the decorations on while you sleep.
The other cause of fires is short circuits that originate from overloading electrical outlets with too many decorations and equipment. Avoid putting the tree, music, television, and speakers in the same outlet.
Lastly, remember to keep a fire extinguisher near your kitchen and check the status of your smoke alarms. What to know before roasting the turkey and lighting the Christmas tree.
Although most homeowners insurance covers fire damage, if you have questions about your contract, call a Univista Insurance agent and they will tell you if your policy has adequate fire coverage.

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