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What you need to know about salon insurance

What you need to know about salon insurance. Every business is different and needs very specific insurance. Insuring a bakery is not the same as insuring a hairdresser. The contracts of each business must protect against the dangers associated with the activity they perform.
In the case of insurance for beauty salons and hairdressers, insurers generally offer the client a BOP insurance package that covers the risks common to this type of business.
But, if you own a hair salon, you should make sure that, in addition to the typical General Liability, Commercial Property, Professional Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and other policies that protect your equipment, specific coverages for your salon are added that may be excluded from the typical insurance package.
For example, if you provide tanning, hair transplant, red light therapy, or massage services, you may need additional coverage to protect you from potential lawsuits associated with these services.
Also, if you rent out a part of your salon for a stylist to perform their services, you should talk to your insurance agent and confirm if that activity is covered. Because of the lawsuits for the errors that occur there may be your responsibility.
In short, do not see business insurance as an obligation or a pure procedure. Think of all the effort you’ve put in to reach the goal of being independent. That dream cannot be gambled away, heads or tails, every time an accident occurs in your business. Knowing how to protect your investment is also your responsibility as the owner.
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