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When is the best time to buy flood insurance?

When is the best time to buy flood insurance? 35% of the more than 5 million flood insurance policies in the US were signed in Florida. The residents of the State of the Sun know that it does not take the presence of a hurricane to produce a flood of the waters in the peninsula.
The heavy rains that fall in Florida combined with the characteristics of the soil, the presence of huge bodies of water, oceans, rivers, lakes, underground springs, and a saturated water table, is the perfect cocktail to cause large floods.
In experience, in recent years, the major floods that have occurred in South Florida were not caused by hurricanes, but by high tides. The constant rise in sea level, due to global warming, has been the most recurrent cause of sea penetrations in coastal areas of the state.
In fact, recent studies indicate that $ 69 billion in properties, located in Florida’s coastal areas, are at risk from a potential rise in the tide.
Therefore, if you live in Florida, in an area considered at risk, the only satisfactory answer to the question of when is the best time to purchase flood insurance is: right now. When is the best time to buy flood insurance?
Don’t waste time, call Univista Insurance and you will get a flood policy that will protect your home from the inevitable floodwaters. Remember that homeowner’s insurance does not include damage that can cause water penetration into your home. To top it off, most flood policies have a 30-day waiting period before the effective date.

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