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Where is the party, here I go

Where is the party, here I go. We Latinos usually say, where the party is, here I go, as the song by Marc Anthony says. We love to dance, eat and drink in the company of our friends and family.
Anyone can be the reason to celebrate. “We are on vacation and we are going on a cruise”, this party is to say goodbye. “Our daughter is starting college.” “My salary went up.” “I’m American”. “We are fathers” or “I opened my business”.
After these hours of partying, she sits behind the wheel of her car and prepares to drive to her house, before assuring: “I control.”
What few owners know is that if “I control” she suffers an accident and the car insurance she has is insufficient to cover the costs of the damage caused. “I control” insurance can go against the homeowner’s insurance where she consumed all that alcohol.
It is advisable to advise guests not to drive under the influence of alcohol because of how dangerous it can be and because of the legal and financial implications, it can have.
If you really like parties, and you don’t want to bear the responsibility for the mistakes of your guests, you can take out a policy for special events with your insurer.
At Univista Insurance you can find the cheapest home insurance in Florida and also ask all your questions about the policy for special events. This way you can continue putting together your rumbas, safely, with good music and alcohol. Here I go. Where is the party, here I go.

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