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Who do I include or exclude from my auto insurance?

Who do I include or exclude from my auto insurance? Unless we are hermits, we live in society. Above all, those of us who emigrate share our homes with our children and sometimes our parents or relatives. A situation that may have implications for our insurance: Who to include in the car insurance?
Most insurers will recommend that you add everyone who lives under your roof, who has a driver’s license and uses your car, to the policy. That is, your partner, your children when they have a driver’s license, and if that were the case, your parents or in-laws.
If you share a house with someone who is not related to you and they have access to your car, you should also add it to your policy. Because if this person borrows your car and suffers an accident and the insurer finds that he lives in your house, they can deny you coverage.
What’s more, nurses, caregivers, and babysitters who work in your home should be included in the policy, if they regularly use your car to go shopping, to the doctor, or to school to take your child.
But not everything is adding. Someone living with you who you don’t want to use your vehicle can also be restricted from your coverage. This measure is mainly taken to prevent a family member with a bad driving record, who has had several accidents and fines, from negatively influencing your insurance premium. To do this, contact your insurance company and tell them to list that person as an excluded driver.
What has been explained so far does not mean that you cannot loan your car on time to a friend who does not live in your house. If he were to have an accident, the car coverage would remain in effect. Who do I include or exclude from my auto insurance?
As we always recommend, if you have questions about any aspect of your policy, it is best to call a Univista Insurance advisor, who will analyze your personal situation and recommend how to get the cheapest auto insurance with the best coverage in Florida.

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