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Maximum annual protection of my dental policy?

Why does it matter to know the maximum annual protection of my dental policy? Dental insurance, unlike other coverages, usually includes coinsurance up to an annual protection maximum. This is the amount of money the insurance provider is willing to pay in dental benefits for one year. Once this amount is reached, the rest of the expenses are assumed by the insured.
Mastering this information is important, since many people with dental insurance have not visited the dentist throughout the year, and now that the year is ending, it is time to take advantage to spend the maximum annual coinsurance protection, which is regularly 1,600 dollars.
How does the annual coinsurance protection maximum work?
If the insured has an 80/20 plan, once the total deductible has been reached and if he has to wear a crown whose service costs $ 2,000, at the end of the consultation he will pay 20% of the bill, that is $ 400, and the insurer 80 %, $ 1600.
Of course, the next time you go to the dentist to get another crown for the same price, he will have to pay the full service, having reached the maximum annual protection.
If at this point in the year, you have not spent your annual maximum, it is time to visit your dentist to enjoy this benefit, which is not cumulative for the next year, as it will be automatically canceled at the end of December.
Also, keep in mind that most insurance covers 100% of routine preventive care. That is an oral exam, cleaning, X-rays every six months, and fluoride treatment for the little ones in the family. Why does it matter to know the maximum annual protection of my dental policy?
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