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Why is it so important not to run a red light?

Why is it so important not to run a red light? There are still people who don’t fully understand the importance of stopping at a red light and try their luck, as if it were a game of Russian roulette. Many drivers, instead of hitting the brakes when they see the yellow light from a distance, knowingly accelerate, knowing they will run the red light. Others find it pointless to stop at those quiet intersections “where hardly any vehicles pass” and continue ahead.
The reality is that we have the impression that when we’re in a hurry, all the traffic lights turn red and we have to wait, or rather, despair. To make matters worse, experts reinforce this idea by stating that an average driver spends 20% of their driving time “waiting at red lights.” If, as the AAA claims, people drive about 17,600 minutes a year in the United States, 20% of that time is 3,520 minutes waiting at traffic lights. That is, 58 hours a year, or two and a half full days waiting at red lights. It’s really quite exhausting.
This waiting causes some impatient and reckless drivers to simply run the red light, forgetting that by doing so, they put their own lives, their family members, and other road users in danger.
In Florida alone, those who disregarded the traffic light in 2019, which amounted to approximately 1.2 million drivers, caused 85 deaths, 903 serious injuries, and 3,680 minor injuries, according to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle (FLHSMV).
When the red light is on, it is legal to come to a complete stop at each intersection before making a right turn. If you fail to do so, you may receive a ticket for $158.
If you see the traffic light turn yellow, stop your vehicle. The law states that if the light turns red while you are passing through the intersection, you have committed an offense and may receive a $158 ticket.
On top of that, if you fail to pay the fine on time, it can escalate to a $262 fine. And to make matters worse, your insurance company may be tempted to increase your annual premium, considering you a high-risk driver.
In other words, if you’re in a big rush to go to work and you get fined for running a red light, you’ll be working for free that day. If you’re heading to a restaurant, your meal will cost you an extra $158, and if you don’t reach your destination due to this recklessness, it will be because you’ll either be in the hospital or detained by the police. That’s the result of playing Russian roulette with traffic lights.
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