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You are about to lose $2000 from your dental insurance

You are about to lose $2000 from your dental insurance. Most people buy their dental insurance along with other health coverage beginning January 1. However, at this point in the year, many have not set foot in the dentist’s office. They have not been reviewed, nor have they carried out the recommended prophylactic treatments to maintain oral health in shape. In other words, they have a policy that provides them with certain benefits and they have not been able to take advantage of them.
The good news is that, until December 31, they can spend the maximum annual coverage of their policy. In some companies, this maximum annual protection can reach 2,000 dollars.
If you have a policy and do not spend the maximum annual protection, it would be the same as throwing away $ 2,000, since it is not accumulative for the following year.
Imagine that you go to your dentist and it turns out that you have to wear a crown and have root canals. The dentist budgets for this work at $ 3,500. You can smartly take part in this treatment for the remainder of the year until your $ 2,000 of coverage is exhausted.
And next year, which starts in a month, do the rest of the work, using the new annual maximum, which is another $ 2,000 of coverage. Otherwise, the annual maximum for next year will be insufficient to cover all the treatment and, to top it all, you will have thrown away the money of the year that is now ending.
I don’t know if he understood. I summarize it more simply: “You have money in dental insurance that you must spend before the end of the year or you will lose it.” To avoid this, urgently contact your dentist. You are about to lose $2000 from your dental insurance.
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